Welcome to the Throwback Football League!

Thanks to all who made 2013 season a success!

The 2014 season is quickly approaching. We are moving the TFL season up year to avoid scheduling conflicts with the 8th grade football transition. In turn, teams are going to be allowed to hold tryouts starting early January this upcoming year.

We are proud to say that the past season we had another 6 athletes receive offers from D-1 Universities. This was an incredible achievement for both the athletes and as a league. We plan on being even more competitive this year and hopefully doubling that number in 2014.

Throughout the past year, we have made significant changes to the TFL structure to make it better than ever. One major part is the exposure athletes are getting. Not only are they getting the exposure to amazing coaches and other elite players, they are also getting the chance to meet and gain relationships with colleges. With most high school students we have found that there is little to no thought of going to college until it is almost too late. By facilitating early encounters with higher education we hope to keep student-athletes academically motivated and thinking of their future.

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